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Nicky / January 23rd, 2018

Sharon Stone is heading to HBO—but she hasn’t left behind what makes her a movie star.

The actress’s role on Steven Soderbergh’s new series Mosaic (airing nightly from Jan. 22 to 26 at 8 p.m. E.T.) capitalizes on Stone’s charisma, her big laugh, her willingness to push further than most of her contemporaries might and her ability to pull it off. (To wit: In the show’s first episode, Stone asks a strapping bartender to “pour me something tall and muscular.”)

Mosaic is a return to Stone’s Casino 1990s shot through with bleeding-edge modernity: The show began its existence as an app that allowed viewers to choose their own experience of the story. And Stone, speaking to TIME Jan. 11, had plenty to say about the times in which we live, including her response to the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements. As Stone puts it, she has spent recent months finally “able to sit with my friends and laugh until we cry and cry until we laugh.”

What made you decide to come onboard this show?

When Steven Soderbergh writes something for you, once you get done screaming and get back up off the floor, I think it’s time to say yes!

Was the shoot—moving quickly to produce content for the Mosaic app—demanding?

Oh, good Lord, yes! When I was first making the deal, they said, you don’t get a trailer and you don’t get a chair. I’m like, the trailer’s one thing, but I need a f-cking chair! I’ve been in the business forty years, people. Let’s get with it!

What was filming in Park City like?

It was beautiful, and because Steven doesn’t light, I was really grateful for all that white snow, because then you get all that beautiful white bouncy light! And I was also grateful for not having a trailer because that way I got to the set first and got the best light. [laughs]

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Nicky / August 6th, 2016

Hollywood actress, model and philanthropist Sharon Stone speaks to us about women in Hollywood, being sexy at 58 and starring in Airfield’s S/S16 campaign

“I like myself and my body. Being nude to me means having fun – fun with myself and my looks.” Twenty-four years after her legendary performance in Basic Instinct and Sharon Stone is still unafraid to bare all and this is why at nearly 60, she is as sexy as ever. Recently landing the role in Austrian fashion label Airfield’s S/S16 campaign, the American actress exudes confidence and glamour as a jet-setting woman in a series of striking images that show off the brand’s latest range – comprising a hybrid of classic, tailored pieces with more relaxed, sporty styles and elegant, evening numbers.

For Sharon Stone, being sexy is not simply about looking great (although this is something she has fortunately never struggled with). “Only women who feel good about themselves and have self-confidence can also be sexy,” she argues. “Sexiness comes from deep inside. It’s the feeling of being present, having fun and liking yourself enough.”

Despite her status today as one of the most desirable women in film of all time, this was surprisingly not the case from the outset. Growing up in Pennsylvania, Stone began her career as a model, winning a beauty pageant in her native hometown before moving to New York to pursue modelling further. During the 1980s, she made a number of TV appearances before being given her breakthrough role in Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi film, Total Recall (1990). However, the actress has always insisted that it wasn’t until she posed nude for Playboy that the industry woke up to her sex appeal. Moments later, Verhoeven starred her in the erotic thriller, Basic Instinct, which catapulted her into Hollywood stardom.

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Nicky / May 27th, 2016

To Sharon Stone, Jane Fonda and Alfre Woodard, aging in Hollywood isn’t a problem – they’re happier for it.

The three stars talked with AARP The Magazine about enjoying their changing careers – and beach bodies – after hitting age 50.

All three agree that relaxing about their careers actually made them improve.

“I’ve stopped questioning everything, and that gives me a lot more room to breathe,” Stone, 58, says. “I think it’s just getting comfortable in yourself – in everything – but certainly the work.”

Woodard, 63, added that her acting is completely changed since her 20s and 30s.

“You’re a mess in the first act, going on instinct and bravado,” she said. “I’m better now at all the things you can’t touch with your hands. I’m more discerning. My joy is deeper and less shakeable. My craft is really fine-tuned.”

Fonda, 78, says she had to pause, and rethink how she approaches acting.

“Last year I thought, ‘I can’t very well leave the business now and never come back. Maybe I should find out what’s up.’ So I went into therapy and got an acting coach.”

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Nicky / January 2nd, 2016

Sharon Stone shares her history and personal rules of childhood safety, as well as why it extends to youths long after they’ve given up diapers.

Mediaplanet: When did it first become apparent to you that child safety is so important?

Sharon Stone: Before I was ever a mom, a long time ago, a woman who was cooking in my home brought her baby and he crawled over, opened a drawer and cut his fingers badly on a box of aluminum foil. Of course it was so scary to see a baby hurt. He was ultimately okay, and ended up learning to walk in my kitchen—after I safety-proofed it like mad. I’ve been a safety advocate ever since.

MP: What is the number one child injury that you think is preventable but can be overlooked?

SS: Locking down televisions and heavy objects like lamps and so forth that kids can pull over on themselves. People just don’t realize what a big deal that is, and the huge amount of injuries that they bring.

I have to add that allowing kids to walk with their electronics on stairs and on the street while reading them is incredibly dangerous. I pulled a teenager back from in front of a car by her hoodie in New York City as she was reading her texts listening to music and stepped right in front of an oncoming car.

MP: As a mother, what are some of the most important things that you do to make sure that your children are always safe?

SS: I’m always saying “hold the railing,” like it’s a mantra and “look both ways,” and they are never allowed to have their electronics on while on the stairs. We also keep a very open line of communication; I think that is the biggest thing one can do, simply to talk about everything, every day.

MP: What is the most important thing we must know about child safety in the community?

SS: Above all, we must realize that our children, all of our children, from every race, religion and economic class, need us now more than ever to be by their side, to actually hear them, to help them to be accountable citizens and to know that we will do our best to give them a safe and worthwhile future.  [Source]

Nicky / November 7th, 2015

Oscar nominee and big-screen femme fatale Sharon Stone (Casino, Basic Instinct) moves to TV with TNT’s Agent X (Sunday, 9 p.m. ET/PT), playing the nation’s first female vice president, Natalie Maccabee.

The No. 2 job comes with a cool perk: secret weapon John Case (Jeff Hephner), who battles enemies at home and abroad. The drama features Gerald McRaney, Jamey Sheridan, John Shea and James Earl Jones.

Stone, 57, talks to USA TODAY about Agent X; acting with the legendary Jones; and recovering from a stroke and brain hemorrhage in 2001.

Q: How would you describe Agent X?

A: It’s kind of a popcorn TV show, a political action-thriller that brings current issues into a family environment so you can talk about them, but doesn’t have to be so heavy. Politics are intriguing and the law is interesting and, these days, there’s no end to criminals. So, we try to bring in at least one hot, sexy one every week. There’s nothing like a hot, sexy criminal to make your Sunday special.

Q: What is the significance of playing Natalie Maccabee?

A: I want (my children) to see a capable woman in the White House, maybe someone who isn’t so likable right off the bat. And then you realize: ‘Oh, I’m not actually looking for someone to go out for a beer with. I’m looking for someone whose real truth is about doing the right thing.’

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Nicky / March 17th, 2015

A small town Pennsylvania girl aka the glaring Hollywood sex symbol, adopting mother, activist, awarded by Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, talks to HL’s Yana Mandeville about her feelings and discontent about overcoming a brain hemorrhage, her most impassioned causes and child custody battle. Best Actress Academy Award nominee, one of the world’s most recognized faces, gallant and radiant Sharon advocates listening to no one and doing what makes you happy. The prominence and vast movie career don’t stop her from working to end gang violence, organizing peace movements and searching for a cure for AIDS. Read her thrilling account of unfulfilled adoption of quadruplets to touch a nerve on who an unfeigned Sharon Stone is.

Sharon Stone: Yana, what’s your last name?

HealthyLivinG: Mandeville

Sharon Stone: Oh, like the canyon.

HealthyLivinG: My husband’s family owned that land a long, long time ago.

Sharon Stone: I’m sure. Okay. Lay it on me. What do you want to know?

HealthyLivinG: Despite talent and beauty, success didn’t come easily or early. How did that fact shape you?

Sharon Stone: I’m not from here. I’m from blue-collar, hardworking, lowermiddle-class Pennsylvania. Our town had coal mining, the railroad, and the zipper factory. My father worked the swing shift and made $14,000 a year and raised four kids. We thought we were a rich family. The size of our house and the size of our yard would be one of the mansions in Bel Air, California, because it was a farmhouse with a two-and-a-half-acre yard and a stream and a ravine. So I grew up in what would seem like incredible luxury compared to the way people live here in Los Angeles.

HealthyLivinG: Did you know how fortunate you were?

Sharon Stone: We did. My mother was an astonishing homemaker. Our home was beautiful, and our gardens were beautiful. It was a U-shaped driveway around our house, back out onto the road. She had planted peony bushes all the way around it, that were just gorgeous. She had a huge, one-acre garden in the backyard, and we had all of our fruits and vegetables that she would can in the summer for the winter. So I didn’t come from somewhere where there was some kind of luxury or ease. I came from real hardworking America. For me it was not something that I expected that I was going to get without a lot of hard work. It seemed like something I would work for, and I did. Kid Rock said to me one day, “Clark Gable didn’t come from Park Avenue.” I think that’s very true. I think that most of the people who really make it here are not Hollywood royalty. There’s not a lot of second-generation. Most of us came here and worked for it.   

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Nicky / December 24th, 2014

In THR’s Women in Entertainment issue, the 56-year-old actress reflects on her career, longevity, integrity and more.

Nicky / December 24th, 2014

Hello. My Name Is Sharon Stone. And I’m 56.

People keep asking me why I tell people I’m 56 all the time. It’s a bit judgmental, but I think it’s soft to pretend anything. The Dalai Lama says, “No matter what you say, that’s what you are!” The truth is upon us. You can be a walking mess of lies, but you will look like a walking mess of lies.

I love it when people say, “In Hollywood, you’re not allowed to get older.” Really, who gives a shit what Hollywood thinks about anything? I’ve been here a long time: I’ve seen ’em come and I’ve seen ’em go — studio executives, like Kleenex. The few that have stayed in their jobs really know their jobs, they’re talented and they’re not the bullshitters.

But it’s not like I go into a room thinking, “I’m 56.” It’s not the way I greet people or think about myself. I go to an audition or meeting and think, “Even if this part wasn’t written for me or a female, I might be the best one to play the judge or the policeman.” Yes, I’ve gotten parts that way. I’ve said, “I think the film is too male-heavy. You don’t have a woman in it. It would really benefit the film.” And yes, I’ve found people respond well to that. I’ve said: “It would benefit you to consider me.” For whatever — the part you might have hired Gene Hackman to play.

And, yes, I believe there can be a movie plot where the leading hot guy who’s 43 falls for me instead of the 25-year-old girl. Jesus, every time I go into a Starbucks, some 20-year-old guy throws himself at me! Although it might be because he knows there’s a meal at the end of it. But these young guys know the sex would be better.

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